E-votional - Building Blocks
March 19, 2002

"The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone."

Psalm 118:22 (NRSV)


   Architecture. It is about bringing dreams and plans from our head and our heart and turning them into realities. We see the marvels made by man and rarely think of what went into bringing this dream or that into reality. Not only does it take great articulation of the plan or dream by the dreamer and planner, but it takes a significant amount of attention, awareness and listening on the part of the builders to see that the dream becomes a reality. But if the builder forgets to listen, choosing to do his own thing, there is trouble.

   Hear the Good News, God is the dreamer and architect of our life and this world, and he calls us to be builders and materials to see this world, his world built. In this morning's passage are reminded God uses who and what God chooses. We, though builders, must remind in communication with the architect, not only because he seeks a relationship with us, but as He is using us to build HIS building, we must make sure we are following His plan, not our own. Ideally, our plan and His plan are the same, but even there, we have to remain in communication, speaking, asking and listening.


   Gracious God, You are a builder. A builder of lives and dreams. You have built me into something that while I do not completely understand, I will continue to listen for your direction in my life. What would You have me build today? Whatever it may be, give me the ear and heart to hear, the strength to do it and the passion to complete it. Thank You for all that You have done in my life and all You will continue to do, for ask this through Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.