E-votional Listening, A Lost Art
August 18, 2001
Let anyone with ears listen!"

Learning is something we can all do.  Primarily, we learn by doing.  Watching students prepare for tests, they do homework and pre-tests.  Athletes, well they practice.  This form of learning is through repetition.  But often times repetition is not the option we have, the only option is listening.  Listen is very different than hearing.  I hear the birds and find the music pleasant or maybe annoying.  But when I listen to the birds as they sing, I an invited into their life, their day.  Listening then is about a connection, an understanding.

Hear the Good News, Jesus reminds us that there is in fact a difference between knowing and understanding, hearing and witnessing.  We are told constantly of God's love for us, yet we continue to be hard on ourselves for things we cannot control, we feel powerless about things we can control and even come to despise our very being.  Oh, what it must be like to experience the power of grace and love within our life, in the midst of feeling powerless and unloved, without worth.  I am ready to listen, please speak, please remind me of what I mean to You.

God, what must I do to listen?  I feel like I miss so much in my life, I hope I have not missed your presence today, but in even this prayer, I forget the promise that You are with me through thick and thin.  You have put people in my life to remind me of my part in the world, yet why do I feel so alone.  Quite my heart and my thoughts that I might hear You speak to me today.  Thank you Father, for all You have done and all You will continue to do in my life.  Amen.