E-votional - My First Ice Cream
October 19, 2001
"How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!"

Psalm 119:103 (NRSV)


    With a bit of hesitation, coupled with an ounce of trust, she leaned her head forward, slowly opened her mouth and let the pea go into her mouth. Within a few seconds, she made a horrible face, pushed the pea out of her mouth with her tongue, and let it hang from her chin. This same series happened with some soup, potato soup. Casey is learning what she does and does not like. After the introduction to a couple of other items, she was ready to play at the table and decided tasting was done. Then came dessert. After getting her attention, she was briefly introduced to whipped cream. This got her attention. Without hesitation, she lunged for another taste and subsequently licked the spoon clean. With a great deal of anticipation and excitement, I scooped a small bite of Ice Cream, Homemade Vanilla - Blue Bell for those of you in Texas, onto the spoon, brought it to her face and watched. Amy & I watched the look of surprise and approval on the face of our daughter. As she chewed, she also focused on the spoon, where it was going and where it had been. About the same time, Amy took a spoonful of Ice Cream for herself, only to experience the licking and mouthing of a small mouth. Casey was bound and determined to experience the sweetness of Blue Bell again. Ice Cream, sweet, cool and oh, such a treat.

    Hear the Good News, when we hear and know the word of God, when we experience the presence of Christ, don't we in fact want more? As we come to experience all that God has done in and for our life, as God has delivered us from those dark places and fear, don't we in fact want to know Him even more? By watching a mere child, we can see what it is that desire is about, we can see what it is to want more. In Dickens' tale of Oliver Twist, Oliver, hungry, wants more, but to his surprise, this is not an option. With Christ, more is necessary. The more we know God, the more we need God. With the innocence of a child, we should seek out God, through scripture, through prayer and worship. By coming together, we can further that experience, through sharing and growing together. Casey remembers and will remember what Ice Cream is, and as well as I can, she will always know Blue Bell. In the same way, she will also taste the sweet grace of God, through Christ, and she will always know that God is there for and with her.


    Lord, that sweet and powerful grace in my life has changed me. This very grace is something that I need and seek, for I understand I am prone to mistakes. While I do love the sweetness of grace, I understand I need the life giving building blocks of Your word and instruction. Dessert is always nice, but I seek more, that I might mature in my faith in such a way that I can share it with others. Let me feast in and share the dessert along with the main course of Christ. You are both sweet and nourishing. Thank You for all that You have done in my life and all You will continue to do, for I ask this through Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.