E-votional Oh, what a sight!
January 29, 2001
God treats everyone alike.  He accepts people only because they have faith in Jesus Christ. " 

-- Romans 3:22
Knowing I will wake up in the morning, I close my eyes to fall asleep.  Smiling at Casey, my heart warms because I know she loves her daddy.  And bowing my head I lift my concerns to God, because I know He hears me.  Faith.  Yet faith is one of those lofty words we through around to describe a number of different things.  We use it as a description, as an object to behold or shared, and we even use it to modify an object or description. 
Hear the Good News, while Faith is a belief in things unseen, the fruits of faith can and the presence of Jesus Christ are experienced!  I have found part of my understanding of my experience with Jesus Christ is trusting that God is a part of my life and further  I am compelled to listen to the prompting of the Spirit as I continue on in my journey.  To me, this means I am to watch for the beauty in everyday life, in the people I encounter and the places I visit.  God does not have an obstacle course that I must traverse through, instead my life is a journey of graceful moments, compassionate love and growing opportunities.
We all walk through life with tinted lenses of life over our eyes.  It is my hope the lenses you walk with are colored with the compassion love and grace of Jesus Christ.

My journey, though it may be wet, cold and dreary becomes filled with peace through Your Son.  Only You can help me to see the wonder and grace in moments of despair.  And it is only You who can place compassion in my heart when I am surrounded by anger or hurt.  My life is a wondrous life that I thank You for each and every day.  Not only do You treat me fairly, but You treat me with a love I could only imagine.  Thank You for all You have done in my life, and all You will continue to do, through Christ our Lord I pray.  Amen.