E-votional - Reach Out
June 23-29, 2003


“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Matthew 28:19 (NRSV)


   A great time was by us all. There we were at the lake, the weather was fantastic. Under the shade of the trees, we felt the cool breeze coming off the lake, eating, laughing and relaxing. On the edge of the shore there was a bulkhead, it separated the land from the water. The land was for those who did not feel comfortable with getting into the water, but for those who would brave the water, there were boats, skis, ski vests and inner tubes. Casey and Ryan, my little ones, played in an inflatable pool there close to house, where a close eye could be kept on them both. I jumped on the tube and went for a ride, which today reminds me of a muscular structure and presence I had forgotten about. Afterwards, Casey wanted to test out the water of the lake. Slipping into her lifejacket, she walked to the edge of the water, and cautiously made her way into the water. We waded out a little deeper until her feet slipped out from under her and, well she began to float and bob without any real control. She does not know how to swim, but has to rely on someone else(daddy) and the lifejacket. Once her feet were back under her, she was ready to wade and play in the water some more. The interesting thing was she wanted to be somewhere she had never been, but was able to watch others in this realm and decided to claim it for her own. In order for her to do this she need a guide and a floatation device. With these, she had a great experience, with these she had a great day.

   Hear the Good News, as Christians, Christ has called us to be guides to those in a world of both rough and calm water. As disciples, you and me, we are to help guide people as they grow in their faith. Most of the time we will find opportunities to guide people in the world, just as one guides their child into a body of water for the first time. With the same safety nets and restraints by our side we usher in a new "swimmer", while not leaving alone during this maiden voyage. Our hope of course is they learn to swim, and ultimately aid another in this endeavor.
There is something else we are called to do as a disciple, and that is to reach out to people who are struggling in the word. The truth is that many people do not have guides, people who help them as they encounter the world. For many it is as if they have fallen into the water from a pier or lost what was keeping them afloat. They splash about, hoping to keep their head above water for a little longer, waiting for help. For what ever reason, they do not have a guide with them, this is when we reach out, bringing them ashore and guiding them, just as we were once guided. With each hand we offer, we also offer hope and offer Christ. We must look for those who are struggling in the world. We must bring them ashore. This is what we are called to, this is our vocation, our calling.


   Gracious God, I thank You for reaching me.  I pray that as I wander in this world, You will enable me to offer a hand of hope to those struggling with life.  Thank You for all you have done in my life and all you will continue to do, for I come to You through Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior! Amen.

Grace & Peace

David Banks
Jewett United Methodist Church
PO Box 254
Jewett, TX 75846
(903) 626-4003


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