E-votional - Satisfied?
February 12, 2002

"Philip said to him, ôLord, show us the Father, and we will be satisfied." "

John 14:8 (NRSV)


   We are constantly looking. We look for God, we say we want to see God, we even call for His presence, yet as close as He is, we still struggle with the seeing, the hearing and the following. He can be before our very eyes, yet we miss Him.

   Hear the Good News, our failure to see, to hear and to follow is not a conscience one, but rather a reminder of where it is we have our focus. "And this is Good News you say?" Not only is this Good News, but is it a calling to check yourself. We say with our mouth, let me see God, but with our lives, we turn our back, because, if we do in fact see or hear God, we then MUST respond. Here is the hook to this Good News, you know now. The reality of God calling to us, speaking to us, and it is now our turn to listen is before you. Jesus must have been floored when Philip asked to be satisfied by seeing the Father. Though his eyes were open, the reluctance of his heart blinded his view of the Father. Do we still ask, "Let me see the Father?" Let the scales fall from your eyes and see the Father, see Christ.  


   Gracious God, why must I still call for You when in the depth of my heart I know you are there. Is it fear? Is it doubt? Could the idea of giving myself wholly to You freak me out? Oh, I hope not. Let me do something different, let me drop the scales from my heart and embrace Your presence in my life. Thank You for all that You have done in my life and all You will continue to do, for ask this through Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.