E-votional   So Close
February 5, 2001
As they were going along the road, someone said to Him,'I will follow You wherever You go'." 

-- Luke 10:57
Driving back and forth to the surrounding towns affords a nice opportunity to talk with God and to listen for God.  No one in the car, just God and me.  It is during this time of travel that I find myself saying I will do everything for the sake of the Gospel.  I am in tune, with no real distractions, to God's presence in my life.  Then I get to my destination.  Open the door and encounter the world.
Hear the Good News, God is so close to us, we can hardly realize it.  When we are able to stop and listen, we become more aware of His presence.  During this time we can and do feel His calling to us.  It is when we take that very calling into the world that we can become confused and even unsure of what we are doing.  Believe and trust that when God begins to work in your life, you will never be alone.  When strength is needed it will be there.  When uncertainty arrives, clarity through the presence of the Holy Spirit will offer resolve.  When we listen and respond, we are never alone.
Lord, the fast pace of life catches me far too often.  My heart beat reminds me I am not alone in the world, nor am I without care.  But during those quiet moments, those moments surrounded by grace, I am able to see and hear very clearly.  Thank You.  I have felt your calling and want to respond, but at times I am scared.  Strengthen and encourage me.  Allow me to make a difference in the world, in my community, in my family and in my own life.  I want to go where You would have me.  I want to do what You ask.  Thank You for Your closeness.  Thank You for all You have done in my life, and all You will continue to do, through Christ our Lord I pray.  Amen.