E-votional - The Day After
September 12, 2001
"And He said to them, 'Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News to the whole creation.' "

Mark 16:15 (NRSV)


    There they were, sitting a the table, full of doubt, confusion and chaos. They were lost as to what they should do, who they were and where they should go. Do we resume fishing? Will we too be hunted? What about all they had seen and witnessed from Jesus. Then it happened, He appeared to them. Jesus came to dwell among them.

    Hear the Good News, even though tragedy has struck, we should stay firm in our faith and in our resolve. Though confusion and chaos have come to our lives due to Tuesday's Terror, have we lost who it is we are? No! Have we forgotten what we are to do, and where we are to go? No and again I say No! Will Tuesday be our defeat or our strength? Love untested is love unknown. And though we do not seek opportunities to test our love with those whom we love, the fact remains at times it will be challenged. What remains is in fact truth. In the same way, Faith untested is faith unknown. After Jesus encountered the Disciples around the table, He reminds them who they are and what they are to do. Make Disciples, share the Good News, Change lives. Now, here we are, around the table, can you hear His words? Do you hear His reminder? Will you accept his commission. It Will Be Okay.


    Gracious God, You come to me when I need you most. You remind me and strengthen my resolve when I feel weakest. Thank You. Help me and strengthen me to go out and share Your news with others. Thank You for all that You have done in my life and all You will continue to do, for I ask this through Christ, my Lord and Savior. Amen.