E-votional  The Equalizer
April 5, 2001

"On the mountain the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-aged wines, of rich food filled with marrow, of well-aged wines strained clear."

-Isaiah 25:6 (NRSV)


In our society, status is so important.  The shoes, the pants, the shirts, even underwear, they are to point to either class, wealth, popularity, status.  Years ago, it was Gloria Vanderbilt and Jordace, then it was Girbaud.  Wearing these clothes "meant" something.  If you did, you were in, if you did not, well, you had not arrived yet.
Hear the Good News, through Christ we arrive.  Many times we look for the something that brings us to the front or signals our arrival, but, by our own merit, we do not ever truly arrive.  As Christ prepared to enter Jerusalem triumphant, he fulfilled scripture by coming in on a ass, but the people still called for his crucifixion.  How long will we seek the elevation of our self, in accordance with society?  Isaiah lets us in on a truth, that God reaches for all people.  He loves and want to celebrate life with everyone.
Let us drop our status symbols, chase the truth, and love each other.  Faithfulness, that is in fact what you call for, and as we are faithful, we are true to You and our self.  Mold us, hold us, transform us and embrace us, that we might be who You have called us to be and to do what You have called us to do.  Thank You for all You have done in my life, and all You will continue to do, through Christ our Lord I pray.  Amen.