The Cross & Resurrection

Tuesday, April 25, 2000


He [Jesus] was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.

-- Romans 4:25


Two parts make up Easter. We have the Cross and we have the empty tomb. This morning, a friend and I were discussing whether we are a Cross person or a Resurrection person. There are people that get stuck on the cross and never come down. Then there are folks who want to experience the Resurrection without ever making it to the cross. If you spend some time thinking about it, I think you will find where you fit. Hopefully, we all have a good balance of both in our faith, our understanding of who Jesus is to us and who God is to us. Because that will greatly affect who we are to Jesus and God.

Hear the Good News, Jesus, in total obedience, went to the cross. This need, the need for Him to do this for us, has brought a great realization to many as to how they ought to live their life. As important in all of it, and even more important, in my opinion, is that which followed. The mystery of faith, which is the fact that Christ rose and will come again is startling. That Christ rose from the grave, is our story, we are a people of hope and a people of resurrection. We must experience the cross, but we must live the resurrection.


Thank you, dear Father, You have left me speechless. By Your greatest Gift, I have been restored in Your presence. Forgive me for costing so much and thank you for valuing as much as You do. help me to be a person of the Easter, of the resurrection. Never let me lose faith or hope. Strengthen me for the days to come and allow me to be able to respond to you faithfully. In His name, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus my Saviour I pray. Amen.