E-votional - Welcome To The Jungle
March 8 - 14, 2004


Just then some Pharisees came up and said, ďRun for your life! Herodís on the hunt. Heís out to kill you!Ē Jesus said, ďTell that fox that Iíve no time for him right now. Today and tomorrow Iím busy clearing out the demons and healing the sick; the third day Iím wrapping things up. Besides, itís not proper for a prophet to come to a bad end outside Jerusalem.Ē

Luke 13:31-35 (The Message)


Surrounded by thicket, vines and other pitfall, a jungle offers both discovery and danger.  When an explorer steps foot in a jungle there is a chance that something new, delightful and exciting will be found. New discoveries offer insight to the future and the here-and-now. Stepping foot into a jungle also brings forth a chance for danger. With such a degree of unknown, you never know what lies around the next corner, nor can you expect a predetermined outcome of your journey. We find life starring back at us from the same mirror, filled with the same surprises, both a journey into the jungle and life demands similar equipment. If we find our selves ill prepared for either we will be lost.

Hear the Good News, God equips us for our journey up the mountain, through the desert and into the jungle. Before making any trip, we must have a plan and a thorough of where you are and where it is you hope to go. We are talking about a map, a picture which will bring light and focus to our journey. With respect to life, we have such a map in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Learning from His life, we have a picture of both hope and destination. Through Scripture, and a thorough understanding of Scripture we are equipped with not only a map, but a compass as well. Scripture also acts as a guide, helping us to rediscover our path and help us stay in the right direction. But with any journey, there something as important as starting, and that is finishing. In the passage above, Jesus tells a story of a journey and the finish. His finish will require enduring heartbreak and pain, but the finish is not only for him, it is for us. As we are engaged in our own journey, we too must understand it is not just for us, but those around us. We also need to realize the journey is part of God's call upon our life, a call that does not only need to be done, but done well. Race for the prize, win with honor, knowing God's grace and presence is with you.


   Gracious God, to You my heart is known and my journey seen, keep me upon Your path I Pray, strengthening me in all my endeavors.  Help me to stay focused and faithful in all I do that I too may finish and finish well.  I understand my journey is not my own but effects so many more, so keep me from selfishness and give me a selfless heart.  Thank You for all You have done and all You continue to do.  In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Grace & Peace

David Banks
Jewett United Methodist Church
PO Box 254
Jewett, TX 75846
(903) 626-4003


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