E-votional Wet or Rain?

June 7, 2001
"The rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights."
- Genesis 7:12 (NRSV)


Year after year, the rain falls from the heavens, and when it does, many curse it's inconvenience, while when it does not, many curse it absence.  Rain for me is like our life.  When it comes we can either see the life giving properties and the way it cools the earth, offers renewal or we can look at what a mess it has made, focus on the inconvenience that it has brought.  After a good rain, and even in the midst of a light one, you can hear the birds calling out, the fresh smell of wet earth and even sense the renewal all around.  The water table is filled, the dry flora which has been crying out for water is is quenched, and the sky, it is truly art for all to see.  Puddles abound for the children, the lakes and ponds have a fresh addition.  Rain, my friends is more than just getting wet, it is about experiencing life!
Hear the Good News, God set in the heavens a promise that rain would never be a curse, but deliverance.  Baptism.  Jesus & John.  Moses.  When was the last time you really enjoyed the rain, either from an awning or standing right smack dab in the middle of the downpour itself?  When it rains, either fell and experience the grace in it, or just get wet.  Your choice.
Rain, come again to me.  Grace. Father, shower me with Your grace, Your love and Your presence.  Please, I ask, let me witness and then bear witness to Your presence, making a difference to all I see.  Help me to share and connect with my brothers and sisters, honoring you with my very life.  Help me to grow and better understand all You would have for me.  Let me live up to all of my potential.  Thank you Father, for all You have done and all You will continue to do in my life.  Amen.