E-votional  Where Is God?
May 3, 2001
"Here is your God!"
-Isaiah 40:9b (NRSV)


When we get down, feeling like all is lost, we are lost, many times we seek and look for someone or something to offer us protection.  Not too long ago, a friend lost a dog.  Over the course of six months, she nurtured the dog as her friend and companion slipped away  When she finally lost her dog, she was hurt and lonely.  She wanted another dog.  Her husband asked that she wait awhile as he needed some time.  During that time she realized through walks in the park and neighborhood, she was surrounded by companions and friends as she watched the cats act like cats  She was able to see the dogs doing the things that dogs do and watching squirrels squirreling.
Hear the Good News, through times of being unsure about what is going on in our life, facing loss and just meandering through our own valleys, we are not alone, for God is here!  Yesterday while driving through East Texas, I stopped to get a bite to eat, and there, at my table was the picture and the verse.  At Tommy's Bar-B-Que, I was once again reminded, "The Lord Leads You."  With a picture of a young lamb and inside the table card was Psalms 23.  Where is God?  Here!
Oh Father, how you remind me that You are with me, always.  I guess it is just up to me to keep an open eye and an open heart to recognize Your presence.  Please, keep my heart open and my eyes focused on You.  Further, allow me to open the eyes of another that they might know Your peace.  Thank You Father, for all You have done in my life and all You will continue to do.  Amen.