E-votional  You're Justified, Embrace It!
May 9, 2001
"But God proves His love for us in that while we were still under sin, Christ died for us."
-Romans 5:8 (NIV)


Right is made wrong.  Hard feelings are resolved.  The desire to walk the other way when approached by the one who offended you is gone.  Even yesterday as I was looking at my computer, wondering why it would not read my keyboard or mouse, disgust, the very idea of it not doing what I wanted it to do, what I needed it to do, filled my gut.  But the funny thing is that I can not talk to the chip or the memory, encouraging it to work.  So instead I went on to work, wondering if it would work later.
Hear the Good News, God looks at us, calls us and hopes we will do that which He is calling us to do.  But much more infinite in love and wisdom, disgust and/or frustration does not flood Him, instead a sincere love for us, His children, has Him continuing to call to us, day after day, hour by hour.  Today, as you can probably guess, the computer is working, and excited and ready is the sensation that is accompanying this person pecking away at the keyboard and staring at the monitor.  Time to play.  Time to show up.  Time to do that which I have been asked, called to do.  Makes you wonder doesn't, I mean, what really goes through God's mind when we show up?  When we respond?  When you respond?!
Hmmit does in fact surround me.  Your Grace, opens my eyes and cause me to wonder what it must be like to be able to extend that which You have given.  My daughter, I can not give her up much less see her get a shot, but You gave Your son for me.  Hmm.  I Thank You with my lips and my heart, but will also thank You with my life.  Thank You Father, for all You have done in my life and all You will continue to do.  Amen.