The final treaty

Monday, April 17, 2000


What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you?

-- James 4:1


Cain struck and killed Abel not because he hated his brother, but because his brother made him feel bad about himself. King Saul hated David because David stole the hearts of the people. Racism and prejudice surround us because one group thinks the other group is inferior. But what is really going on? Cain realized he was the one lacking and sought to improve his standing through subtraction. King Saul, the same way. Insecurities. Wanting more to fill personal needs.

Hear the Good News, as we experience Jesus in our life, we begin to experience a peace within. Do the desires go away, sometimes, sometimes not. But Jesus can and will squelch the fire that may rage within your desires. The experience of Christ does give you strength and an understanding of what life is about. Jesus helps to shore up any insecurities and definitely fills a place in your inner most longing. You know, that inner most longing, is really difficult to put a finger on at times. It is hard to understand and even harder to articulate it. We tend to try to fill that missing piece with anything and everything. You are offered success manuals, chemicals, lipo this and tuck that. Give me something new, I want more. These are all our attempts to satisfy and bring an end to the battle that takes place in our life. Instead of taking time out to try to get a fix, allow Christ to work within you, have His Spirit dwell within you and fill you with the peace we all are missing. Jesus.


Dear Father, simply put, allow me to be filled by You. Help me to find the place in my life, in my day and in my week to be renewed by You. Bring an end to the battles that are waged within me. In Jesus' sweet and precious name I pray. Amen.