Go & Do
Friday, March 24, 2000

   ...Did you receive the Spirit by doing the works of the law or by believing what you heard?
    -- Galatians 3:24, New International Version

   Is it about doing or believing?  Do I grow in faith, in my experience of God by doing or believing?  If by doing we mean - taking an active part to bring about an end result.  If by believing we wean - based on experience, thinking or knowing in your heart something to be the truth.  The answer is simple, believing.  But I pose this question to you.  How did you come to the point in which you believed?
    Hear the Good News, God gives us gifts, they are to be used, DO.  Do so others might believe.  Back to the question, "Is it about doing or believing?"  I say both!  A wise person once said faith without works(doing) is dead.  Have your "doing" be an expression of that which you believe.
    GO out and MAKE Disciples . . . BAPTIZING them . . . .  Go & Do!

   Thank you, Father, for my experience with You.  You came to me and shared Your love with me.  Inspire me to use my faith, my belief and my experience with others, so others might know you.  Free me to go and do.  In Jesus' name, and because of my experience with You, I thank you! Amen.