The Great Re-Creation

Friday, June 16, 2000


(...what counts is a new creation.) Peace and mercy to all who follow this rule, even to the Israel of God.

-- Galatians 6:16


Looking at a painting I admire, I can see the imagination, the passion and what can only be summed up as experience in the life of Rembrandt's painting, The Prodigal Son. You see, Rembrandt took a piece of canvas and brought it to life. He made something from nothing, and it was good.

Hear the Good News, God, in His vast love, creativity and passion, not only created us, but then, even in our brokeness, recreates us. God turns us into something special. Back to the painting, we see the Father, the two sons, along with what could be seems as two ghost-like figures. But the beauty in this painting is more than just the brush strokes, it is also about they beauty in the restored relationship between the father and son. When we experience and understand the new creation that we are through Christ, we the people of God, find mercy and peace.


Father, who created and is recreating us, thank You for what you have done in my life. Thank You for the way You have restored me to a right relationship with You. Even as we have run from You, You still receive us with own arms. And in the midst of those arms, Your presence bring peace and mercy to us all. Help me share you like changing presence. Help me to live a life that is an example of you peace and mercy all of my days. In the name of the One who restores us, Jesus our Lord. Amen.