The Important Stuff

Wednesday, May 10, 2000


Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless.

-- Ecclesiastes 5:10


Being rich and wealthy, though something many strive for, can really be confusing. Many people whose priority in life is money, wealth or power, have found that money power and wealth can bring an end to many problems of life. Cut a check for this, pay someone to do that, or even command someone to make something else happen. They are able to see, look, like and conquer. But a funny ting happens along the way, they are left with issues, problems or circumstances that call for love, peace, understanding, empathy and/or care. If they deal with all of issues that come up in life with power, wealth or money, when the issues of life, such as what is love, how to experience, how to be understood, what is empathy or even how to care for another, they are tempted to deal with these same issues as they have dealt with the other issues in their life, by using money, wealth, or power.

Hear the Good News, Jesus reminds us and shows us that the really important points in are life are two fold. Love God and love one another. These are our priorities in life, in living. Elements in our life such as money, food, mind altering agents, power and other things that might separate us from God and one another are false priorities. Meaning in life comes from being in positive, healthy relationships with God and others. The meaning of life does not come from chasing the brass ring, the biggest, the best, the newest or the most. It comes from knowing and believing you and I each have a reason and need to be in relationship with God and each other.


God, You have blessed me. you have reached out to me and said I love you. You have also put so many people in my life. Please fill my heart with Your love in such a way that I can share it with others. Help me to be in a relationship with others that is faithful to You and Your love. Guard my heart from chasing the meaningless or those things that might take me away from loving You. Thank You for sharing with me and allowing me to experience what the meaning of life is all about. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.