Our Path

Thursday, April 27, 2000


Do not swerve to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.

-- Proverbs 4:27



Paths are fascinating things. They come from somewhere and go to another place. Along a path, there are things to look at. At times we want to veer off the path, but when we do that we delay our journey. If we stay off the path long enough, we may continue to wander, and then forget where it is we were going or even how to get back to where we started. Paths also offer encounters. People along the similar journeys run into one another. Relationships are built.

Today I am driving to College Station for a meeting. Along the way there will be people coming from Aggieland and going to Aggieland(Dad, you like the reference?) If I decide, along the way, to stop off here and there, before long, I might end up being too late for the meeting. After I miss the meeting, this is one meeting that can not be made up, just as time goes by, it is lost forever.

Hear the Good News, though we might waver in our own journeys, Christ will help us to regain our momentum and once again walk along the path that He has put before us. Moreover, Christ lights our path in such a way, it become difficult not to see where it is we are to be going.

Paths and journeys, they can be mysterious, they can lead us into the unknown, but as we journey along Christ's path, the outcome is very known. It leads to life and a fulfilling relationship with Christ and God and yourself.


Loving Father, please forgive me for being so easily distracted by temptations. Please give me the discipline to do the things I need to do and to enjoy the journey I am on. Remind me that I need the wisdom to see recognize the important and the unimportant. Thank You for lighting my way. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.