Remarkable, WOW

Friday, May 26, 2000


Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, "We have seen remarkable things today."

-- Luke 5:26


Cool. Amazing. Wow. Silence. When we see something happen out of the ordinary, these are many times, the responses we have or give. Then we might begin by offering some rational reasoning to how and why it has happened. A cancer is cured unexpectedly. Someone missing from your life, shows up out of nowhere. A voice that calls to you, was it a dream? Weeping statues. Holy Water. We can all try to find some rational explanation as to what is happening and why. Remarkable, but . . .

Hear the Good News, we are moved by God. God calls to us, makes himself known, we just need to recognize it. God's love, it's there. God's presence, it's there too. In the above passage, Jesus forgives a man who was lame, then shows He has authority to forgive by healing the guy. The crowd could do a couple of things. First, they could rationalize it away, secondly, they could say he was never lame in the first place, or finally they could be astounded by the act and share it with others.

Here is thought to close with. Miracles, they come around less to bring people to faith, rather miracle come around because people have faith. Look at the stories in scripture. Open your eyes today, you may see one too.


Oh God, you bless my life with miracles all the time, yet too often I am caught up in the world and my own stuff and fail to notice Your handy work. Open my eyes so I might see, and open my heart that I might share. Help me to say "remarkable, You are good instead of Remarkable, but . . .. Most of all thank You for the miracle I have in Your Son and my Savior, Jesus, in whose name I offer this praise. Amen.