Scattering Seed

Friday, August 4, 2000


Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.

-- Acts 8:4


From time to time, we are relocated. Either we must change places of employment or we move into a new "home." These moves can be both good and bad, but as Christians we are to make the most of each and every situation that comes before us.

Hear the Good News, even when moments and situations look the worst, they can be used in a positive way. The early Christians were scattered everywhere, and they had two choices. The first choice they had was to give up. Give up meeting, give up sharing who Jesus was, and give up believing. Life would have been easier for "them" had they chosen this option. Many, however, chose to share the Good News of Jesus with the new people they encountered. They met with the old and the new. Scattering the Christians helped to grow the faith and their sphere of influence.

The next time life looks bleak or out of sorts, stop and see how it is that you can find the opportunities of grace in those moments. Instead of having that moment be your end, how about using that to have it be a new beginning or "recharging" of sorts.


Gracious Father, you can help me to turn a bad situation into a good opportunity. Help me to see the options be fore me. I know you have called me to do something special with my life. Give me the wisdom to see and the courage to act on the opportunities you have presented before me. Let nothing be in vain, but let everything be for you. In the Blessed name of the Jesus, I pray. Amen.