Stop The Spinning

Monday, May 22, 2000


...Remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins.

-- James 5:20


Broken and walking aimlessly, we see them walking, acting and crying out.

Life is a struggle, yet the continue on looking for that missing piece to their life.

Lost, they seek to find meaning in a world where if it feels good, we do it. They are jaded into thinking charity means a hand-out instead of agape love.

They walk to the edge of life, see the gap between peace and present and are fearful of the distance instead of excited about the closeness.

And here I am, here we are, looking only into the mirror.

Hear the Good News, someone is reaching out to you, because they have heard these words, "Save your brother, your sister, your friend."

Sin. The word, as it comes from my mouth or enters my ears is one that evokes negative feeling all together. The last thing I want to be reminded of is sin. Because of this, any times, when I hear the word, I shut down, I stop listening. The word has been misused, abused and taken advantage of. Moreover, the last thing I want to hear or think about is that I am a sinful person. I don't need someone telling me I have sinful thoughts or even that I do sinful things. Yet, in reality, "all" sin is, is that which pushes us away from God. The idea and understanding of sin should not be shrouded in such mystery or unknowingness. Sin, as one of my favor people puts it, is centrifugal, it tends to push everything out to the peripheral. As the little bits and pieces that fly away the only thing that eventually is left is the inner core. Then, eventually, the core begins to break up, leaving nothing. The end result is everything has fallen away, everything has died.

As we have had people "fall away" from us in our life, we know what it is to lose someone whom we have loved. There is only one who can stop the spinning, and it is done out of weight or strength, it is done out of love and relationship. This is Jesus. As is introduced or re-introduced and experienced, the spinning cyclical action of sin slows and allows us to instead of falling away, draw nearer to God. So, help stop the spinning, help introduce another to Love!


Father, it is by Your love that I have come to understand You. Like waves of beauty, the sounds of angels, and the cleansing peace of knowing I am loved, I have felt your presence. I ask not only that You keep me strong, but that You keep me faithful all of my days. If I begin to spin and break up, please, place someone in my life to help me be reintroduce to You and Your Son. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.