Thirsty? Hungry?

Tuesday, July 25, 2000


If you are thirsty, come and drink water! If you don't have any money, come eat what you want! Drink wine and milk without paying a cent.

-- Isaiah 55:1


The heat is rising, your tongue feels thicker and it is growing harder to swallow by the second. With each breath your mouth becomes drier. The thought of a cool glass of water excites your very soul. Being thirsty or hungry is to know what you want and need. We hunger for love, relationships, peace and joy in our life. Satisfaction is filling the void that is present at the absence of those basic needs we have.

Hear the Good News, we are offered full satisfaction for all of our hunger and thirst through Jesus. While we go through life, waiting for different things to fill our life, different elements to bring us to a sense of being full and complete, it seems as though we can find things that come close, but if we are true to our self, we find there is still something necessary to bring about full completion. As we foster our relationship with God, experience the Love of Jesus Christ and are empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit, those missing elements, that thirst and hunger goes away. The "full" sensation we experience is one of peace and contentment, accompanied by a desire to be an extension of that same "full" feeling to others.

Invite another to the banquet you have experienced. Share this feeling of peace and joy with another, and remember, Jesus doesn't give us junk food, but soul food.


Dear Father, Thank You for the food you place before me. Fill me with Your food for the soul. Make me experience Your complete love and presence. Finally, help me to invite another to Your table. In Jesus' name I pray to You. Amen.