Warm Fuzzies
Thursday, March  2, 2000

   [In those days John the Baptist came...] saying,  "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near."
    -- Matthew 3:2, New International Version

    Movies depict crazy religious-types walking up and down the streets with signs on their back with this message.  As we approached the turn of the century, I saw a number of folks who's sole message was this.  We see the words, we hear the statement, but turn and go about our business.
    What does this statement really mean?  For me it says, look at your life and make sure you are facing God.  You have read my thoughts on the Kingdom of Heaven, on Resurrection, here are my thoughts on what it is to repent.  Turn to and turn from.
    Hear the Good News, God calls us each day and reminds us each day where it is we should be going.  God also convicts us and calls us to notice where it is we are.  This is good, but it gets better.  When we turn from where we are and turn to God we see open arms.  Kinda like when we bathe Hailey, our Golden Retriever.  After she is bathed, all of the dirt and dandruff, old hair and what ever else she has gotten into, she is fresh and spry.  When I open up the towel and extend it to her, she runs to it, stops and nestles up into the towel.  I believe we are like her in the sense, once we experience God's Grace, we feel the freshness and spryness.  We then see God's open arms and run to them.
laves us unchanged is not true grace.  Grace not only forgives us through Jesus' sacrificial death on the Cross; it also liberates us from the empty and destructive life without God and his guidance.
    So why repent?  Why turn from and turn to?  Ask Hailey.  Watch your child.  Remember how it is you enjoy reaching for that towel after you are clean.

   Forgive me, dear Heavenly Father, for my sin.  I want to turn from those things I must and turn to You.  Help me to live my life according to Your calling.  In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.