Who Have You Overlooked?

Thursday, July 27, 2000


But we know where this man is from; when the Christ comes, no one will know where he is from.

-- John 7:27



Funny how these days there are more and more programs, Bible Studies and televangelists talking about the Book of Revelation, about the second coming of Jesus. More and more people are looking for the return of Jesus, everyone seems to know the answer to his coming, and everyone seems to be seeing the "signs" that Jesus' arrival is so near. And then to top it off, as we experience wonders of God's activity in our own life, we discount it as coincidence, as mystery, but not God. We look, yet we can be so blind.

Hear the Good News, When Jesus comes is not nearly so important as is the fact He will come. The folks from Jerusalem, although they had seen and experienced the astonishing works of Jesus, they could not believe this person, Jesus, was who they were awaiting. Jesus and the works of Grace and Love were all around them, they heard the words, they saw that actions, yet, in their own hearts, they were not convinced.

God and even Jesus is a mystery that we cannot fully fathom. Miracles are beyond our human experience and limited reality. Then, those around him, his doubters and detractors, they had become too close and knew Jesus as a human, thus removing much credibility in their eyes, denied Jesus for who he really was. It seems we blind ourselves. How many times have I doubted my parents, my friends, even myself, because surely, they couldn't have the wisdom or knowledge I was looking for. How often do we doubt because of our prejudices?

What do we miss by overlooking those we know? "We knew this guy, they guy we are waiting for, we won't know Him." How did they know? Do me a favor, look from within and trust they know what they are doing.


O Lord, forgive me for my limited vision. It seems I open my eyes and see what I expect to see. I have ruined many of the surprises You have placed before me. Please, open my heart and soul to welcome that which You bring to me. Allow me to share Your joy and power with all I encounter. In Jesus' name I offer You my praise! Amen.