You are a light among all people!
Tuesday, December  7, 1999

   Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.
    -- Psalm 112:4, New International Version

   What a powerful promise!  Just as night passes into dawn, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous, dawn comes even in the worst nights of deep spiritual darkness.  During a time that brings celebration, Christmas Holidays, we forget that it can be a time of sorrow and grief as we remember those who were with us, but are not longer.  This darkness can be so consuming, yet scripture tells us this darkness need not consume us.  As we celebrate the birth of our Lord, let us do so with acts of mercy, graciousness and compassion.  As we LIVE out our faith, it not only becomes a part of our very character, it changes us and allows us to see the light that is brought to us by Christ.

   Holy and loving God, help me to shine your light of holiness and Jesus' light of hope to those trapped in darkness.  Please cleanse me and create a pure heart in me.  Allow me to reflect Christ to all I meet, so that in being who you have called me to be, I might be a part of the light that does shine to all.  In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.